IEP Timeline

The special education process can be very frustrating to parents. Below are important timelines to understand.



The IEP process begins when either the school or a parent requests (in writing) a screening or an evaluation

·        When a parent requests an IEP meeting, a school has 30 days to put the student on the calendar.

·        A team has 60 days, from when consent has been given, to complete assessments

·        If a student is already in special education, the team has 90 days to hold a meeting with the results.

·        If a student is found to be eligible for special education, an IEP meeting must be held within 30 days to create a draft IEP.

·        Written Notice must be given to parents at least 10 days before any IEP meeting.

·        Documents must be sent home at least 5 days before a meeting takes place.

·        The school must make 3 "real" attempts to invite the parents to a meeting. If the parent does not attend after attempts have been made. The team may continue without them.

·        After the IEP meeting there is a 10-day transition period in which the IEP can be adapted as requested by the parents

·        An Annual Review is held every year to collect data, create new goals, and make changes.

·        Every three years a re-evaluation meeting occurs. The team decides if further testing is needed.