Our Services

We know that services can be costly. It is our goal to make our services as affordable as possible. HLD Advocates LLC. will work with the client to create the exact level of need.  Before working with a client an in person consultation is required. At this time a plan will be created.


HLD Advocates LLC. Offers a wide range of services. We take pride in our personal and compassionate service and continued support for families and students. HLD Advocates will work with families to:




  • Assess student's current program

  • Attend all school related meetings

  • Conduct in-person, student observations in the classroom

  • Review student files and previous assessments

  • Educate parents on important special education laws and procedures

  • Represent parents during mediation between parents and school 

  • Create goals and objectives on new or existing IEPs

  • Create 504 plans

  • Facilitate appropriate educational placement

  • ·File appropriate state complaints

  • Represent family as an Expert Witness in Court

  • Provide direction instruction  in basic reading skills, reading comprehension, written expression, mathematics, and executive functioning

  • Link parents with a variety of community resources and supports, including assessors, tutors, therapists, assistive technology, and talent development opportunities.

"  All children can learn with the proper tools and environment"